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What bands need

Message Board

Albums/Discography/Releases/Unreleased Music Post Type (About Releases)

Music Player (NO AUTOPLAY/disabled per default, i HATE THAT)

Video Post Type

Tour Post Type -> Show Post Type (integrate gmaps, ticket sales, comment/share media for past shows)

Shopping Cart



Members Post Type

Mailing List Integration/Twitter Integration


Classy Media Galleries/Downloads like backgrounds etc/Themes

Buy ringtones

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I am the proud owner of The Snakeoil Company, LLC.

Awesome Newsletter Content Generator For WordPress… in the works

So I am working on this wordpress plugin based on this graphical menu editor plugin with drag and drop and ajax updating and all that fancy stuff. I took that plugin and defined a new post_type in my theme then used class inheritance to overwrite the things I needed to change to make the plugin [...]

Mandatory WordPress Plugins

I’ve been running wordpress sites for quite some time now and I have been doing it professionally for almost as long. There are some plugins that I always install on client and personal sites. Here are a few of them.

Very simple wordpress site for my sister

She needed one for school, so I hooked her up with The Human Resources and Labor Relations Restorative Initiative. Enjoy

Just finished www.rptempering.com

Just completed www.rptempering.com I used WP-Filebase for the PDF lists so my clients could easily upload documents and have page update to reflect the file list. Used more jquery plugins for image sliders and crossfade transitions, suckerfish nav bar. Changed the background of the wp template to look like carbon fiber on client request. Fun [...]


What a great idea!

WordPressMU Migration

This is my new JustinHoppensteadt.com. Nice huh? I am in the process of migrating all my sites to this WordPressMU install and its going to save me a bunch of headaches right after it finishes causing me a bunch more.